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Nutricia Medical is the largest and market leading specialist nutrition company in Europe.  Since 2004, Brand Addition has developed and sourced merchandise designed to promote Nutricia Medical’s brands across Ireland, and in more recent years, in the UK too.

The team at Brand Addition Ireland works closely with Nutricia Medical to promote its brands, delivering merchandise print design services to support promotional campaigns that drive sales and increase awareness across its target demographics.

From pens and sticky notes to shakers, bags, and USB sticks, Brand Addition supplies products that help Nutricia Medical deliver against its business objectives.

In 2009, Brand Addition created an online platform to simplify Nutricia Medical’s logistics processes; a bespoke stock management and ordering system tailored to suit the client’s unique needs. It’s a solution that’s fully integrated with Nutricia Medical’s storage and distribution partner’s infrastructure, enabling sales representatives and brand managers to monitor stock levels, submit orders and track delivery status online.

With detailed production overviews, including information about individual orders, the Brand Addition systems gives Nutricia Medical complete control of stock monitoring and order processes with 100 percent accuracy; enabling field reps to review the progress of orders in real time and brand managers to identify which products are most popular; informing future strategies, buying patterns and product development.

As well as designing and sourcing promotional merchandise, Brand Addition has also worked with the Brand Managers to buy certain products in bulk across different brands thus increasing aggregate quantities and in turn reducing unit prices and achieving significant savings for Nutricia Medical.

Working collaboratively with Nutricia Medical to deliver campaign materials and products that complement marketing activities, Brand Addition links creative design and high quality print services with the development of promotional merchandise, to engage new and existing customers through nationwide campaigns.

Brand Addition regularly introduces new and innovative ideas to Nutricia Medical, refining individual products collaboratively, based on previous experience, successes and responses from customers.

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