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Michelin group awarded its European business to Brand Addition in 2009 for the design, sourcing and distribution of branded merchandise providing brand control and to drive cost savings.

Brand Addition has successfully implemented a centralised sourcing strategy which has seen the programme grow to service over 65 countries, with over 300 stocked products sold through multi-lingual webshops and shipping over 100,000 order lines each year to Michelin and its dealer network.

Supported by a substantial global infrastructure and supply chain network, Brand Addition is ideally positioned to offer local dedicated service, reliable quality and delivery and negotiate competitive pricing models; saving money, reducing waste and establishing optimal solutions to support Michelin group’s sales objectives

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Less than a year after being awarded the contract, Brand Addition had designed and implemented multiple purchasing portals which included an online bulk order platform that leverages the economies of scale by enabling different buyers to order the same products at the same time, thereby aggregating order volumes and driving down unit prices. By leveraging buyers’ spend internationally, Brand Addition achieves savings of up to 20% and enabled smaller, budget-conscious markets to benefit from larger market investment too.

The bulk-buying platform is combined with other online portals that support Michelin’s extensive marketing activities; each tailored to meet the unique needs of internal teams, dealers, wholesalers and consumers respectively. This includes multi-lingual webshops that enable buyers of order branded merchandise and even incorporates a points reward system.

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Dealer-facing platforms have also been rolled out to enable European Michelin dealers to order promotional merchandise from stock – sourced, stored and dispatched by Brand Addition, to their chosen destination – and includes the facility to invest wooden dollars, allocated by Michelin based on previous tyre sales.


Our team has fully integrated with Michelin; 18 multi-lingual account team members managing the services provided to them, (including an Account Manager located in Clermont Ferrand – Michelin’s HQ), 12 unique websites, and a wealth of satisfied customers.

As well as supporting Michelin’s comprehensive marketing plans, in 2013 Brand Addition launched Michelin’s online boutique in the brand’s home country of France; providing heritage products and vintage collections.

This programme has proved so successful, other European locations have called for their own version of the exclusive boutique, accessible only to Michelin staff.

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