When Google needed a partner to supply innovative branded merchandise and improve upon its exiting solution, it chose Brand Addition. We supply inventive products that represent one of the world’s most recognisable brands.

Google’s requirements were four-fold:

1. emphasis on creativity, innovation and environmentally conscious sourcing strategies.

2. manage the Google Store; its global retail webshop (excl. USA) selling Google, Android and YouTube branded merchandise to the public;

3. make the retail products available for corporate use, as well as responding to adhoc specials product enquiries from Google’s marketing departments;

4. enable ‘Googlers’ to buy merchandise for their own personal consumption.

Brand Addition was appointed as Google’s merchandise partner thanks to its emphasis on creativity, innovation and environmentally conscious sourcing strategies.

Google Webstore

Our ability to source highly desirable products as well as more niche gifts from local artisans was also a strong winning characteristic, as was our track record for ethical sourcing practices



To ensure the future success of the Google Store, it was important that Brand Addition find the right balance between a broad spectrum of diverse products for the Google, Android and YouTube brands, while retaining commercial viability. The unpredictable nature of the demand from global customers dictated that the volume of products would have to be carefully monitored. Ranges varied enough to stimulate sales growth, and encourage interest from consumers, without compromising Google’s return on investment.

Google Webstore and merchandise


While the development of the new-look Google Store was underway, the task of relocating existing merchandise from the incumbent supplier to Brand Addition’s UK warehouse began. This required a comprehensive stock audit, transportation and re-stocking as well as photography of every product to enhance the look and feel of the site. In just a few months, the Google Store was ready for re-launch and the switch was made with no down-time and no break in customer service.



Not surprisingly, in addition to the provision of high quality branded products, the online platform through which all channels can order merchandise, had to be suitably robust and engaging to reflect Google’s reputation in the world of technology.

Combining an intuitive interface with maximum levels of security, as well as fully integrating with Google’s internal marketing system and intranet, the new Google Store enables customers to seamlessly navigate between the distinct Google, YouTube and Android brands with a single cart; requiring just one transaction to purchase multiple products. Customer data is protected by our standard Payment Card Industry compliant environment.

Google floor plans


In June 2013 Brand Addition launched Google’s first permanent on-site store outside of the US.  Brand Addition worked in conjunction with Google to ensure that every aspect of the store was complimentary to Google’s overall surroundings and message. The store is embedded within the primary event space in Google’s EMEA HQ in Dublin and operates to a full high street retail mandate, servicing employee’s, guests and visitors alike.  A diverse and regularly changing range of product is available, covering all of Google’s famous brands.

Google tshits


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